Company Overview

  • Champtron organization
    1. Champtron Communication Technology Co., Ltd (Domestic TV products developing and manufacturing)
    2. Champion Incorporated company (Industrial advertising display developing and manufacturing)
    3. What’s Media Multimedia (advertisement content making, broadcasting operation)
    4. Grand Source Vietnam Investment & Development Company, Ltd.
    5. Champtron Vietnam Co., Ltd
  • Establishment date: 2005 4/11
  • Registered Capital: NT 25,000,000 (Taiwan)
  • Managing director: Chui Su Juan
  • CEO: Hsiao Yi Feng
  • Chief Manager: Vincent Chen
  • Major Services:
    1. mid, large size LCD display related products OEM/ODM
    2. Professional kiosk, video wall ODM/OEM
    3. Multimedia advertisement operation and broadcasting
    4. LCD display leasing
    5. Exhibition, agency planning and counseling services
  • Taipei Showroom: Room 7F-02 No.5 Section 5 Xinyi Rd. Xinyi District, Taipei, 110, Taiwan
  • Taoyuan Head office: 4F No.401 Yunan Rd. Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan
  • Tel:+886 2-27588518
  • Fax:+886 2-27588386

Brand Story

- Champtron is derived from the words “Champion” and “Strong”

- With the success of large Japanese and Korean 3C companies in the international market, the Taiwanese 3C market is has lingered in the OEM stage. Korea has leaned on the skills of Taiwanese OEM ability to market its brand worldwide. There is no place for a well-known Taiwanese 3C brand in the international market yet. The only way to build a Taiwanese Brand in the international market is to have a strong foundation rooted deep in original technology production ability. With years of production experience, Champtron’s Mr. Xiao with the philosophy of “rooted in Taiwan” operated with Champtron Co. Ltd to run the Champtron brand. The goal is for the world to see the dedication of Champtron to lead Taiwanese brand in the global market. We want people to see Taiwan is able to have reasonable pricing, unlimited innovation to construct premium value and advantageous brand.

- All Champtron products begin with high level challenges; for example the 65” and 55” large displays. The larger the display, the higher the barrier, our belief is, by achieving the most difficult challenges, Taiwan is able to hold its ground in the global professional market.

- After years of hard work. Champtron is able to have a place in the world stage. We’ve had numerous successful experiences cooperating with international clients. These projects include airports, subway stations, hotel/resorts, shopping malls, private mansions… etc. We’ve left our foot prints on the way.

- Japan has been known for its professional display manufacturing ability; Champtron has continued to work and learn with exceptional Japanese manufacturers ; we exchange production skills and export our products to Japan. In the future, Champtron looks to establish branches in Japan, USA, and Australia. We look forward to develop the Taiwanese brand to corners of the world.